Light a candle

Ever notice how almost every major religion, sect, or secret society uses candles in their ceremonies?

There’s something about candlelight that conveys honor, reverence, warmth and hope. I am still awestruck by the site of a dark church lit up by hundreds of candles in every nook and cranny, or a quiet dinner celebration illuminated by a lone candle, as it casts it’s warmth over the scene.

Plus, everyone looks drop-dead gorgeous by candlelight. It’s just a fact.

Tomorrow is Christmas Day, celebrated by many people throughout the world but for the majority of global citizens, just a Tuesday like any other. I invite you, regardless of your religious (or non-religious) persuasion – to take this time to reflect and welcome in the new year with warmth, love and joy. A better world can only exist if each person starts with hope and love in his or her own heart. As they say, change starts at home.

A poem for you:

Burn low. Burn bright.
Light this candle in praise, in fear, in hope, in honor.
To illuminate.
To guide.
Count your blessings. Literally. On your fingers. On paper.
Illuminate our hearts. Clear our minds.
Flicker and dance. Playful, fearless.

Take a breath.

My soul’s wish, my thanks, manifest.


2012 brought a lot of blessings and challenges to our world. Here’s wishing all of us a merry and bright holiday season. Or Tuesday. Whichever you prefer.