Amer Kaissi: Humbitious Leadership Equals Success

One of the most common myths about leadership is that arrogant, over-confident people are better leaders. Humbitious shatters that myth. Research has shown that humility, when combined with ambition, can significantly improve your performance and the performance of your teams and organization. Humility is not weakness, lack of self-esteem, or low assertiveness; in fact, it is the exact opposite, since it requires strength, courage, and fierce determination. 

Today, Amer Kaissi defines humility and explains how to balance it with ambition for maximum success. He shares some examples of how he has helped low humility/high ambition leaders improve their success and team dynamics, and as well as high humility/low ambitious leaders gain more confident control. We discuss why humility starts with self-awareness, and then how it works in relationship to others. And Amer gives great examples of hunbitious leaders you can learn from. 

Key Takeaways:

  • There is a connection between humility, resilience, and adaptability. If you are humble, you are able to overcome a challenge and come back stronger. 
  • Listen to understand, don’t just listen to reply. 
  • Prepare yourself and practice having difficult conversations. Don’t avoid, don’t delay, and don’t dread these conversations because they will need to happen. 
  • It requires confidence to be humble and have empathy. It takes confidence and courage to have space for others. 

“We need to bring both high humility and high ambition. That’s the only way we can have high performance in the long run.” —  Amer Kaissi

About Amer Kaissi , Professor and Author of Humbitious:

Amer Kaissi (“Ah-mer Ky-See”) is an-award winning Professor of Healthcare Administration at Trinity University in San Antonio. He teaches Leadership and Public Speaking. 

He is also an executive coach and author. His most recent book is Humbitious: The Power of Low-Ego, High-Drive Leadership. He reads at least 65 books every year. He is an avid soccer fan, he loves to run, cook and listen to 90’s hip hop music very loud in his car. He enjoys a good cappuccino, but his biggest weakness is McDonald’s French fries. He lives with his wife and two teenagers. He was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon.

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