Rhonda Manns: Design Thinking in Healthcare – and Beyond

You think your organization’s challenges are tough? Try healthcare, where lives are on the line! Not only has this industry been stretched to its limit during the pandemic, we have issues of healthcare literacy, inequities across certain populations, and burnout among our most talented practitioners. My guest today offers us energy and profound hope on the future of healthcare and how we can apply design thinking to this industry – and to your own organization – for better outcomes. 

Rhonda Manns is a Nurse innovator who will share her fascinating story about pivoting from an ER nurse to product management. Rhonda explains the difference between human-centered design and design thinking and explains how to use those concepts in any business for better, holistic solutions. We discuss the impact and role that nurses play in solving business problems through empathy.  She shares some interesting healthcare Hackathon stories, and even explains how you can be empathetic and still protect yourself from burnout. If anyone knows about this skill, it’s a nurse! 

Key Takeaways:

  • Design thinking in healthcare allows you to remove the constraints of assumptions and biases and helps you to increase your creativity. 
  •  If you have empathy and real world experience, it doesn’t matter what your background and education is. You can unleash human creativity and innovation within a group of people with just a little bit of guidance, by leveraging their empathy and lived experience.
  • Empathy is showing up with curiosity, an open heart, and the right questions to solve your problems.
  • Innovation is bred out of chaos. 

“Being a part of that hands-on, real life care every day helps nurses to enhance the business. Health care has its own culture, its own language and you need clinicians in those business decisions.” —  Rhonda Manns

About Rhonda Manns, Nurse Innovator:

Recognized as one of LinkedIn’s Leaders in Nursing, Rhonda Manns is a registered nurse, certified case manager, and Nurse innovator who uses design-thinking to help software teams reach the nation’s most vulnerable populations. She is a mentor, a contributing author, and a clinical nurse advisor for a nurse-led healthcare startup in Boston who will be launching her own nurse-led project to solve for nurse exodus this Summer.

Connect with Rhonda Manns:  

Twitter: https://twitter.com/realRhondaManns

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rhondajmanns

Instagram: https://instagram.com/realrhondamanns

Resources Mentioned:

Society of Nurse Scientists, Innovators, Entrepreneurs & Leaders

Heather Hiscox interview: The Surprising Empathy Gap in Social Impact

Jamie Greenwood interview: Why Empathy for Others Starts With Compassion for Yourself

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