August Hot Take: Why Connecting Through Story Works So Well

We are too often sleepwalking through our lives. Rushing from here to there, where people we come in close contact with become mere extras in the screenplay of our day. But what if you could take some time and find a way to connect with someone over a shared joy, or frustration, or cool coffee drink – or gaudy pink flamingo earrings? What if you could do this with the people you see and interact with every day – your co-workers?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Story is up to 22x more memorable than just facts alone.The best approach for data retention is to incorporate it into a story.
  • Story touches hearts and changes minds in a way that data, facts, and figures cannot do alone.
  • Stories unite us and connect us, across any perceived barriers. They can touch, delight, provoke, anger, move, or propel us into action.

“If you want people to remember you – or your business, cause, or movement – and take action, the best way is to tell your story.” —  Maria Ross

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