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A beloved economy. Doesn’t that just sound like an economic ecosystem you want to be part of? Well, it can be. There are organizations out there who have innovated HOW they do work and broken out of business as usual – to stellar results. And the great news is that everyone can contribute to practicing a beloved economy – reorienting how we work to share power and unlocking well-being, meaning, and connection.

Joanna Cea and Jess Rimington are co-authors of Beloved Economies: Transforming How We Work. They spent seven years researching the common traits of successful beloved economies across diverse teams and enterprises. Today Joanna  shares what is a beloved economy and how to transform business as usual in a “loveless” economy. We discuss the role of “bad actors” in breakout innovation, and Joanna digs into two of the seven practices – seeking difference and trusting there is time – and explains why they work and how they can be applied.

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Key Takeaways:

  • The way we work together matters – and it is a potent force for change, not just making the work environment a warm and fuzzy place.
  • We need leaders to step up and take ownership of doing something different than what has been done before. People want to be doing things in a different way but are often too afraid to speak up.
  • The rules are created by society. If we don’t like them, we can work together to change them.

“The economy is something we all make and remake every single day. Yes, there are big structural forces at play, but there’s also the accumulation of 1000 little decisions and actions that we each make every day.” —  Joanna L. Cea

About Joanna Levitt Cea, Co-Author, Beloved Economies

Joanna Cea is dedicated to reimagining investment and funding practices to lift up the well-being of all. She has worked in community-driven efforts to stop destructive investments that threaten local livelihoods and ecosystems, and she has also helped launch solutions that enable communities to determine our own economic futures. Joanna led the human rights organization International Accountability Project for eight years, and served as founding director of the Buen Vivir Fund with Thousand Currents.

About Jess Rimington, Co-Author, Beloved Economies

Jess Rimington is a next economy strategist focused on the design and ethics of emerging post-capitalisms. Her practice and research is grounded in historical analysis, accessible truth-telling, and present-day experimentation. Jess’s work is informed by over a decade of experience leading two global organizations–as both an Executive Director and Managing Director–building cross-cultural staff teams with innovative work cultures rooted in power-sharing.

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