Deconstructing Ted Lasso’s Lessons on Leadership, Empathy, and Connection with Elisa Camahort Page

In this special episode, I deconstruct Ted Lasso’s cultural impact and golden lessons on leadership and empathy with one of my favorite people, Elisa Camahort Page.You may recall her from a past episode – she is a leadership and business expert, as well as a devoted empathy and pop culture fan, like myself – and we both enjoy finding lessons to apply to leadership and life in our favorite stories and characters. 

We discuss why the Apple TV+ show hit such a nerve with viewers (and us, as fan girls) and created a cultural phenomenon. We explore the leadership and teamwork lessons the show gracefully imparted, as well as how it expertly tackled themes of female friendships, toxic masculinity, mentorship, fatherhood, and mental health. We also dive into the brilliant storytelling construction and character arcs that kept viewers wanting more – and what we think might be next for the Lasso universe.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Good ideas can come from anywhere. Stay curious, keep listening, and give others an opportunity to fill in where your skills don’t cover. 
  • The little moments matter. They are what lead you to and away from the big moments and are equally as important. 
  • There is freedom in allowing yourself to feel vulnerable and embrace the challenges that come your way. 

‘On the surface, there was the super warm fuzzy and so much to love, but underneath, they were tackling the complexity of human nature, how nothing is what it seems, and we don’t know what’s behind everybody’s behavior.” —  Elisa Camahort Page


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About Elisa Camahort Page: Elisa Camahort Page is a fractional executive and strategic consultant who works with organizations to launch and scale authentic community and/or user-based initiatives, harnessing the power of people — community members, employees, and partners. Elisa was at the vanguard of the social web as co-founder and COO of BlogHer, Inc. In that role, she represented the face of the company to the user community and drove the transformation of a movement into a market. Elisa had oversight of the practices, policies, and procedures that modeled how organizations can build community, grow a business, support inclusion in words and action, and defend transparency and civility. Since BlogHer was acquired, and after instilling BlogHer’s community ethos into the acquiring company’s practices, Elisa has consulted with organizations that want to create compelling products and content, foster passionate community, and bring constituencies together in alignment with their brand values. A frequent public speaker and freelance writer, Elisa is also the host of The Op-Ed Page podcast and the This Week-ish newsletter, as well as the co-author of Road Map for Revolutionaries: Resistance, Activism, and Advocacy for All.

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