Dr. Peter Sear: What Elite Sport Teaches Us About Empathic Leadership

Athletes and legendary coaches from sport are often cited by leaders to motivate, inspire, and pull together as a team. But how many leaders actually practice and employ the skills these high-achievers leverage to be successful? In today’s sports landscape, coaches who have embraced emotional intelligent approaches are scoring points and building dynasties. And corporate leaders have a lot to learn from them.

Today, Dr. Peter Sear and I talk about how sport leadership has changed and become more empathic over the last two decades – thus attracting a different kind of leader. We discuss how coaches manage empathic relationships and get the balance of “close but not too close” right. Peter also shares the concept of Empathic Accuracy and tips for how to help your team build empathy among each other.

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Key Takeaways:

  • It is important to find and keep the balance between coach and athlete. The same thing goes for employers and employees.
  • Nothing beats getting to know someone on a human level.
  • In modern workplaces, it is important that leaders model and show empathy to their teams.

“The ‘my way or the highway’ approach that coaches often used to apply just doesn’t work with athletes of this generation. They’ve got different expectations and different powers.” —  Dr. Peter Sear, Founder, Empathic Minds

About Dr. Peter Sear, Founder Empathic Minds

I started off as a Futures Floor Trader, trading sugar futures in London, for five years. I traveled before going to University aged 23, to study psychology. That led to my first Masters degree, during which I opened a property company with my parents. I continued to study, getting another Masters, in Jung, and learning some neuroscience. I’ve worked in many roles, including as a commissioned artist. My PhD was at Loughborough (the best University in the world for sport related research!). Since then, I’ve written for Psychology Today, The World Financial Review among others. I now help coaches, leaders, organizations, consultancies, and individuals learn about the powers of empathy and how to develop them.

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