Marly Q Casanova: The Currency of Kindness & How to Avoid Burnout

People often confuse empathy and kindness so I spend many a keynote or leadership training session debunking the myths of empathy. My guest today, Marly Q Casanova, or Marly Q as she is known,  is “Miami’s Top Kindness Influencer” whose talks and events have inspired thousands of people of all ages to be more kind to themselves, each other, and the world since 2010.  Today we talk about the difference between kindness and empathy, how empathy is a superpower, and why the currency of kindness actually helps drive action and influence. Marly shares tips on setting boundaries and avoiding burnout when being an empathetic and kind leader.

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Key Takeaways:

  • If you can be a kind leader, you are able to use empathy as your secret weapon to connect and make a difference with your team, your customers, and those in your community.
  • You must take care of yourself and check in with yourself to ensure you don’t burn out as you perform acts of random kindness to those around you.
  • You need to be aware of what your priorities are and where you are putting your focus. If you are aware of what is most important, it allows you to put your time there and unapologetically support yourself.

“If you feel frustrated that you are too busy to focus on what actually matters to you. I’m here to kindly tell you, you are really busy being unaware and stressing yourself out!” —  Marly Q Casanova

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About Marly Q Casanova: Kindness Influencer

Marly Q Casanova is “Miami’s Top Kindness Influencer” whose talks and events have inspired thousands of people of all ages to be more kind to themselves, each other, and the world since 2010.

This Tedx speaker is a successful social entrepreneur and first-generation Hispanic American living her best life in sunny South Florida as a happy mom and wife to 6x EMMY award-winning musician and co-founder of PARK Project Inc; a nonprofit movement to inspire people to “PARK” (Perform Acts of Random Kindness) worldwide.

As an inspirational speaker, leadership trainer, community-builder and host of Time to be Kind with Marly Q podcast, she’s on a quest to enrich lives with the currency of kindness, connection and community!

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