Josh Levine: Building an Empathetic Culture

What does it mean to leverage your culture as a competitive advantage? What does culture even mean, and why is it so important that an organization articulate and live out its values? This episode will answer all your questions, especially if you’ve ever thought culture is “just HR’s problem.” My guest, author, educator, and culture expert Josh Levine, founder of culture design consultancy, Great Mondays, shares his expertise on why you need to intentionally design a culture that helps you innovate, perform, and win. Today we define modern company culture and discuss why culture is the ONLY sustainable competitive advantage. Josh shares how to turn the tide on the great resignation, how to evaluate if your company values are helpful or harmful, and how the proliferation of communities in modern business has led to the consumerization of the employee experience – and what you can learn from that to attract and retain top talent. 

Key Takeaways:

  • The larger the company, the further removed the leaders are from the day to day culture of the organization. Working with culture ambassadors within your organization can help you to understand what is happening on the ground. 
  • Organizations should reevaluate their culture every 2-3 years. Values are not indelible. They can evolve, and they should do so.
  • Your values are your priorities. While all may be important, you can’t work on 40 things at once. You have to understand what are the most important values to your organization and understand what they mean. 

“Culture is the cause and effect of every decision that we make. It’s not just an input and an output, but it’s a cyclical reinforcing system. It’s about decisions and behaviors.” —  Josh Levine

About Josh Levine:

Josh Levine is an educator, designer, and best-selling author, but above all, he is on a mission to help organizations design a culture advantage. He’s the founder of Great Mondays, a culture design consultancy. Josh’s book Great Mondays: How To Design A Company Culture Employees Love was selected as one of BookAuthority’s best culture books of all time.

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Company Culture Design Consulting. We help companies find, tell, and live their story. We call it culture design, and believe that when employees know why they work, they are more motivated, more invested, and are happier doing it. And damn it, we believe even Mondays can be great. 




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