Leah Neaderthal: The Keys to Successful Selling

According to research, empathy, when combined with ambition, is the #1 trait of successful salespeople. If you’ve ever struggled with sales, if you lead a team of salespeople, or if you just want to get better at selling your ideas, this episode is for you! I got the chance to talk to my friend and sales expert, Leah Neaderthal, and she’s dropping all kinds of wisdom on what it takes to successfully make more sales and grow your revenue and impact. Today we talked about the link between empathy and successful selling, why some sales strategies fall flat if you don’t take an empathetic approach, how to help your clients sell within their organization on your behalf, preventing prospects from ghosting you, and how to get more comfortable selling, whether it’s enterprise software or just a new idea at work. 

Key Takeaways:

  • The secret sauce to selling is a little bit of intuition, a lot of book learning, and your empathy.
  • Put everything in terms that will benefit the client. There are opportunities to do that in every touch point, from setting up meetings, to requesting responses, to the meetings themselves.
  • The sales experience contributes to the brand experience. All of it falls under the customer experience, even if they aren’t a customer yet. The sales process is a rehearsal for what it is like to work with you. 
  • The best way to prevent ghosting is to start asking questions about how decisions get made, then you know what their processes are, and you will know better how to respond. 

“If you want to get better at selling, learn the tools of selling, but don’t change anything about you. Because the way that you show up, that’s the magic and you can layer that on to the tools. When you put those two together, that’s where the magic happens.” —  Leah Neaderthal

About Leah Neaderthal:

Leah Neaderthal is a sales coach for women who run B2B consulting and coaching businesses, the founder of Smart Gets Paid, and the host of The Smart Gets Paid podcast. A three-time business owner who started her career in corporate marketing, Leah didn’t learn to sell by being a commissioned salesperson. She taught herself everything she could about selling, overcame “selling shyness,” and created a sales approach that feels comfortable, builds strong client relationships, and gets results. Prior to starting Smart Gets Paid, Leah built, grew, and sold three businesses. 

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