Mimi Nicklin: Softening the Edges

Right now, our interactions feel prickly and pointed so maybe it’s time to come back to our human roots and embrace humanity’s oldest leadership trait: empathy. That’s what today’s guest, Mimi Nicklin, has devoted her work to advocating. Mimi and I discuss what softening the edges means in practice and how empathetic leaders show up. We also talk about finding empathy across generations in the workplace, about balancing humanism with capitalism, and also how her diverse cultural experience has helped her find commonalities rather than differences across cultures.

Key Takeaways:

  • All creativity comes from a tension point – and you have to be able to express that. Empathy leads to a decrease in self-censorship and an increase in creativity and innovation.
  • It’s not just about the feelings. It’s about the way we think and the way we get things done.
  • To empathize is not to agree, to empathize is to understand. 
  • If there has ever been a time to voice change, it is now.

“Curiosity is the foundation of all humanity.” —  Mimi Nicklin

About Mimi Nicklin:

Mimi Nicklin, Bestselling Author and Empathetic Leadership Coach

Mimi Nicklin is the internationally bestselling author of ‘Softening The Edge’ and the host of the ‘Empathy for Breakfast’ breakfast show & podcast. She is an experienced marketer and communications strategist, a well-known empathetic coach, and a contributor, advocate and content creator for the global movement to balance humanism and capitalism.

An empathy advocate, Mimi has spent over fifteen years working across the globe with multinational and Fortune 500 clients to drive stand out creative interventions that lead to business and culture change. Driven by the pursuit of bringing conscientiousness to the role and impact of ‘Regenerative Leadership’ in business and society, with a desire to make the world of work a more empathetic, valuable and sustainably healthy place to be, Mimi’s first leadership book was a bestseller before it even reached the stores. 

Having lived and worked in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Cape Town, Havana, Madrid, Johannesburg and Dubai, Mimi has studied humanity & culture from within across 25 global markets and her approach changes organisations from the inside out; focusing on cultural understanding alongside behavioural and mindset change. 

Connect with Mimi:  

Website: miminicklin.com  

Instagram: instagram.com/miminicklin

Twitter: twitter.com/MimiNicklin

Tiktok: tiktok.com/@miminicklin

Podcast: empathyforbreakfast.com

Book: Softening The Edgeamazon.com/Softening-Edge-humanitys-leadership-changing-ebook/dp/B08GQ4Y9GK

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