Val Ries: How to Be the Leader Everyone Wants to Work For

What makes a great leader? The leader everyone is dying to work with, the leader whose team is so engaged, motivated, and high-performing that others in the company wonder how the heck they make it happen? My guest, Val Ries, believes everyone can be that kind of leader – a leader who serves as Chief Inspiration Officer, no matter how big or small their team. In today’s episode, we discuss what exactly a Chief Inspiration Officer is and how to get there, and we talk about how to create microcultures for success. Val reveals a magic phrase for flipping your definition of leadership so you can be super successful, and offers 4 pillars to becoming a leader everyone wants to work with – and shows you exactly where to start. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Accountability is the key to the success of any team or organization. 
  • Employees CRAVE: Connection, Reliability, Appreciation, feeling Valued, and Effective communication.
  • Embrace your humanity as you rise through the ranks. Be willing to admit you don’t have all the answers and that you aren’t the only one who can do something “right.”


“We’re lifelong learners. I don’t think we’re ever going to perfect anything – there’s always room to see it in a different way or hear a different perspective.” —  Val Ries


About Val Ries:

Val Ries, Leadership Expert and  Author of Chief Inspiration Officer

Val has over twenty year’s experience transforming teams, and understands exactly the hardships many leaders face. She is the author of Chief Inspiration Officer: How to Lead the team Everyone Wants to Be On. Thrust into a leadership role with no training or support, Val had to figure out on her own how to create top performing teams.Now, together with her team, they teach unique leadership methods that are proven to turn around departments, retain top talent and increase revenue. Fortune 500 companies have partnered with her company, Executive Muse to transform their culture and increase employee engagement.


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