Neil Miller: How to Make Hybrid Work WORK!

The pandemic has changed all the rules of work – they were actually evolving for a while, but COVID accelerated those changes, which left many leaders scrambling. How do we make hybrid work, digital work, remote work WORK for your organization? So many leaders are being thrown into uncharted waters. You may be confused, fearful, angry, stubborn, or unsure about how to make hybrid work, or if your team can perform in such an environment.

Today, my guest, Neil Miller, and I chat about what hybrid work actually is and where it’s going. We discuss the real meaning of culture and how you replicate it when your team is distributed or remote – Neil shares some powerful strategies on how you can co-create the rules with your team so your work experiences are equitable and inclusive. We discuss the role of empathy in the hybrid workplace – not just for employees but for leaders who are unsure how to navigate this new reality. We joked about how so many companies misunderstand what “culture” really means – and why the old way of thinking about it won’t serve them in this new environment. And Neil invites you to think through when in-person is worth it so you maximize those opportunities and get other work done remotely.

Key Takeaways:

  • While many studies are showing that people are more productive when working from home, it is not the right fit for every person. 
  • Culture is how we treat each other and how we get work done. It is more than just people being in the same place at the same time. 
  • In order to solve the complex problems of our day, collaboration is essential. 
  • Meetings are great. They do a lot, but they don’t have to do everything for you. You don’t have to rely on them for every type of collaboration you do. 

“Culture is how we work, how we do meetings, how we do everything. In a digital world, you’re forced to deal with that in a much more explicit way than when you’re in the office.” —  Neil Miller

About Neil Miller: Director, The Digital Workplace

Neil Miller is the Director of The Digital Workplace. He has talked with over 200 of the best thinkers and leaders in the world about how to rebuild work for the digital age by redefining productivity, collaboration, leadership, technology, and culture. He’s a prolific thought stealer and curator of the most amazing list of check in questions in the world.

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