Sandeep Dayal: Branding Between The Ears

The Holy Grail of brand success is to really understand and engage with your ideal customer. But how do some brands seem to do this so effortlessly, while others throw marketing campaign after marketing campaign out there and get nowhere? Today, my guest is Sandeep Dayal. Sandeep advises senior executives at Fortune 500 companies in industries spanning pharmaceuticals, financial services, and consumer products.  He shares how he got into cognitive science-based branding and shares examples of it in action. We talk about how brands can enhance experiences based on cognitive science, why marketers need to spend more time understanding behavioral motivation and how our brains work so they can influence choice – and most importantly, how to ethically influence subconscious choice. You’ll learn a great three question test that every marketer should ask to police themselves! We talk about the difference between brands with empathy and brands with values, and how branding has changed and what modem marketers need to know to be more successful.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you don’t understand what your client or customer is going through, you will not be able to help them effectively. 
  • Brands with values need to have authentic values. It can’t just be a list of things that are on a pretty poster on a wall, but rather they are the values that the company is living and supporting. 
  • Good marketing is about elevating the truth of your story so the people who need you or your product can find you. 
  • It is your responsibility, as a marketer, to understand how you’re going to tap into the way the brain naturally works.

“Subconscious choice is a part of what we do every day.  There’s no getting away from it, but you have to do these things in an ethical way.” —  Sandeep Dayal

About Sandeep Dayal: Managing Director, Cerenti and Author, Branding Between the Ears

Sandeep Dayal is the managing director of the consulting firm Cerenti. He advises senior executives at Fortune 500 companies in industries spanning pharmaceuticals, financial services, and consumer products.  His latest book Branding Between the Ears has been described by some as the definitive advance in the understanding of what makes some brands truly iconic. It draws on his years of experience in working with some of the most successful consumer brands and his company’s proprietary knowledge capital.

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Resources Mentioned:

The Empathy Edge interview with Michael Ventura (GE story): How to Apply Empathy to Tough Business Challenges.

The Empathy Edge interview with Melina Palmer (Behavioral Economics): Why Your Customers Can’t Tell You What They Want

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