October Hot Take: Why We Need Empathy NOW

You may not know this, but you possess a superpower.  One that helps you connect and engage with almost anyone and become a stronger leader, create a thriving culture and build business value.

And the great news is, this superpower is innate to us as humans. But sometimes, for some of us, well, the power atrophies – but it can intentionally be strengthened if you know how.

It’s called empathy.  Today Maria shares how she discovered this superpower not only to make our world better, but how it drives organizational success – and why we are called to embrace empathetic leadership right NOW in order to move forward and solve our world’s complex problems together.

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Key Takeaways:

Binary thinking in leadership is hindering our success  – it is BOTH/AND with empathy and ambition.Empathy has been named the most crucial leadership success skill for the 21st century to solve our complex problems together. And those who don’t get it, will be left behindEmpathy is not just a soft skill, it is the key to greater impact (both in the world and to your bottom line) and requires great strength to practice. We have to be able to collaborate, to understand, to hear diverse opinions and points of view – without fear or anger. We have to let everyone have a seat at the table because we cannot solve these problems with our old ways of thinkingWe all need to work on our empathy muscles – where better than at work, where we spend the bulk of our time?

“We cannot park our humanity at the office door. We are complex, emotional beings – and when we’re seen, heard, and valued for who we are, we thrive. And so do our organizations.” —  Maria Ross

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