Patrick Morrissey: How Empathy Leads to Sales and Marketing Success

Today I have a great conversation with Patrick Morrissey, whose previous and current experience gives him an insight into how empathy can lead any sales and marketing team to success. In this episode, we talk about how empathy is a success trait in marketing and sales, what role it plays in effective storytelling, and how empathy is required to adapt to your customer’s changing needs, as well as how marketers can leverage empathy to more effectively support salespeople. He also shares how to flip the model of selling to one that is more customer-centric,  and what executives need to do to strengthen empathy to create more trust and help their teams outperform

Key Takeaways:

  • As marketers, we need to transition from “What’s my strategy for the customer?” to “What is my customer’s strategy and how can I help?”
  • Your job in marketing is to help sales sell. To do that, you need to be in contact with your customers and sales force. 
  • Help the customer buy in the way they want to buy, not just in the way you want to sell. 
  • Empathy is the bridge to trust.  It comes from a place of understanding what a someone is going through, and even if you don’t, being genuinely curious to find out.


“If you’re looking at upping your sales game in a difficult market, it’s about looking at people, problems, and potential.” —  Patrick Morrissey


About Patrick Morrissey: SVP & GM, Enterprise Sales & Marketing Business Unit – Upland Software

Patrick Morrissey is the SVP and GM of the Revenue Optimization business at Upland Software focused on helping Global 2000 companies unlock digital sales transformation and deliver customer outcomes. Before taking on this role, Morrissey was Chief Marketing Officer at Altify, responsible for all aspects of marketing as well as channels and alliances. Previously Morrissey was CRO of Simpplr, where he managed sales, marketing, and customer success, delivering 100% annual growth. Prior to joining Simpplr, Morrissey held multiple executive positions at, Business Objects, and Scient. When not fighting software crime, you can find him and his family in the mountains in Lake Tahoe. 

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