Susanna Camp & Jonathan Littman: What is Your Entrepreneurial Type?

In this world where zipcodes and timezones don’t matter for collaboration, it is more important than ever to understand the human side of being an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are both born and made, and they come in many different types. By understanding these different archetypes of entrepreneurship (both for yourself and for those around you), there is an advantage to be gained throughout the different stages of your business. In my conversation today with Susanna Camp and Jonathan Littman we discuss these archetypes, why teams should be complementary not clones, and the passion people have for different things that brings humanity to business. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Entrepreneurship is a team sport. The smartest leaders are not looking for clones of themselves, but for complementary types of people. 
  • No matter how small the team, every team should have a Collaborator. 
  • It’s a journey – every project and every company goes through stages that need different types of leaders. 

“Everyone brings their own identity as shaped by their unique experience, circumstances, and lenses of understanding. That’s why leaders need to celebrate diversity and give agency to the people on their teams.” —  Susanna Camp

About The Entrepreneur’s Faces:

The Entrepreneur’s Faces: How Makers, Visionaries, and Outsiders Succeed, the new book by bestselling Innovation scribe Jonathan Littman and Wired pioneer Susanna Camp, is the story of ten authentic entrepreneurs. Are you the Athlete, Outsider, Guardian, or Accidental?  That’s for you to mull over as you experience their Awakening and Shift, watching as they tackle what we call the 7 Stages of Growth. 

The Entrepreneur’s Faces will help you identify the ten essential entrepreneurial types to propel your professional growth and better gauge potential partners on the journey. The ten individuals profiled in the book are real-life success stories, each characterized by an emblematic type, people who master challenges with a characteristic approach and echo the models and behaviors of renowned innovators and entrepreneurs. They’re archetypes, or Faces, and we know from our workshops that you’ll be drawn to find yourself in a few of these Faces, to identify with our protagonists’ strengths, in their profiles, stories, and enduring lessons. 

Jonathan Littman collaborated with IDEO on the bestsellers The Art of Innovation and The Ten  Faces of Innovation (more than 650,000 copies sold worldwide in 12 languages). The author of ten books, five of his works have been optioned for films. His award-winning journalism has appeared in Playboy, the LA Times, and Forbes.  

Susanna Camp is the Editor-in-Chief of A journalist specializing in emerging technology, she was an early team leader at Wired magazine, and has also been on the staff of  Macworld, PCWorld, and Outside magazines.

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