Rhonda George-Denniston: Why Betting on Your People Leads to Market Domination

Does your organization actually bet on its people? Like, truly invest in and grow your people – even if you know they may not stay more than a few years? Well, today, you’ll learn that doing so is a smart business strategy and one that has helped TBWA Worldwide dominate the advertising industry across the globe.

Today, we talk with the delightful Rhonda George-Denniston, Chief Learning Officer at TBWA Worldwide. We discuss why her company has elevated learning to the C-suite, what today’s leaders need to succeed, how to lead multi-generational workforces and help each other collaborate well together, and why so-called soft skills of communication, empathy, and authenticity can make or break your company’s success. We also discuss how industry leaders like TBWA devote resources and time to build those skills for ALL their people at every level – not just a select group.

Key Takeaways:

  • As a leader, you need to have relationships with your people and be willing to ask for honest feedback. You need to know how you are perceived and received by your team.
  • Even the most experienced leaders can benefit from understanding or getting a little bit more insight into their leadership style and where they may have blind spots. Self-awareness is the most important trait good leaders can possess.
  • The differences are your team’s strengths. We all have something that we can learn from one another and how we each see the world and the work.

“Everyone wants to be treated with dignity. Everyone wants to know that they’re doing meaningful work. Everyone wants to know that they’re compensated for what they’re worth and that they’re bringing value to the organization.” —  Rhonda George-Denniston

About Rhonda George-Denniston, Chief Learning Development Officer, TBWA Worldwide

Having spent her initial career in the dot.com boom, Rhonda brings an entrepreneurial spirit to her role. In 2001 she joined TBWA and landed on her mission—helping others to be their best selves. Rhonda is responsible for TBWA’s talent development strategy, ensuring key talent is retained, engaged, and thriving throughout their careers. Focusing on a systematic and interactive learning approach she advocates individual growth plans while bolstering TBWA’s top talent. She’s a nurturer; an avid gardener and rescuer of discarded furniture — giving them a whole new life and purpose.

References Mentioned:

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