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  • Kim Bohr: How Empathy Leads to Operational ROI

    In this episode, Maria and Kim discuss: How empathy at senior levels of leadership drives operational performance.  Why being curious as a key leadership success factor.  A three phase approach to running empathetic meetings where everyone can thrive and, yes, work can actually move forward. …


  • 5 Ways Empathy Benefits Your Bottom Line

    In this episode, Maria discusses: 5 benefits empathy brings to your leadership, business, and brand. The costs of disengagement and the benefits of engaged employees.  Engaging with Millennials and Gen-Z.  Key Takeaways: Empathy has been shown to have a direct impact on everything from customer…


  • Paul Marobella: Leading Through Crisis

    In this episode, Maria and Paul discuss: Key Takeaways: “There’s no playbook…The whole world was in the same spot without a manual on how to get through what we’ve gone through. So I give a lot of the brands a pass if they attempted to…


  • Jonni Ressler: How to Build a Successful Business on Empathy

    In this episode, Maria and Jonni discuss: Key Takeaways: “You want to build trust with the people you work with, that you work for, that worked for you. And if you can build that – which mostly comes from listening, empathy, and understanding their perspective…


  • Steve Hartman: Why Data is Empathy

    In this episode, Maria and Steve discuss: Technology for a purpose, not just for technology’s sake. Why data tells a story and this requires empathy Excellent models of leadership with bottom-line success through empathy. Habits and tips to maintain an empathetic mindset. Key Takeaways: Data…


  • What is Empathy?

    In this episode, Maria discusses: Key Takeaways: “Empathy means being willing and able to see understand and, where appropriate, but not always, feel another person’s perspective and, further, to use that information to act compassionately.” —  Maria Ross Connect with Maria:  Get the podcast and…


  • Welcome to The Empathy Edge with Maria Ross

    Welcome to The Empathy Edge podcast. On today’s show, host Maria Ross walks you through what this podcast is all about, why leaders, marketers, and changemakers should tune in each week and what you can gain from each episode. She’ll also give you a sneak…


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