Which wine would your brand be? (Feel free to sample a lot just to be sure)

If your brand were a vegetable, what would it be? I know, sometimes brand strategy questions can seem esoteric and ridiculous. I mean, really, what the heck does asparagus tell me about how I can make smarter marketing decisions and attract more customers, sales and word of mouth? But creating a brand analogy for ourselves […]

Follow your dream Part 2: How Cartograph Wines creates an experiential brand

Wine is such an experiential brand, I absolutely adore it. Not just for it’s lush taste, but no other everyday product in my mind comes close to evoking so much emotion, lifestyle or delight of the senses with one glass clink. There are so many branding lessons we can learn from our favorite wines and how […]

Follow your dream: Four entrepreneurial lessons from a radio engineer turned winemaker

Back in August, my husband and I stumbled upon a small microwinery and tasting room in downtown Healdsburg, Calfornia, Garagiste, which is a joint venture for two wineries, Cartograph and Stark. Thinking we’d just grab a quick taste and leave, we ended up enchanted by Alan Baker, Cartograph’s wine maker and owner. Alan’s entrepreneurial story is fabulous: […]

Fine wine brands: “Chanel vs. H&M”

Some of you may know I’ve been a freelance wine writer online and in print before. I’m not an expert sommelier by any stretch but I love wine so I was fortunate enough to share the novice’s point of view and land some fun gigs tasting, researching and chatting up wine experts.  I often tout […]

Do you judge wines by their labels? An adventure task…

While we are all taught not to judge a book by its cover, let’s get real. I’ve bought books, magazines, scented lotions, household cleaners (how can you resist Method’s packaging?) and yes, wine based solely on how the label looks. I’m a marketing groupie. I admit it. I’m a sucker for cute, clever or crisp packaging. As […]

Minette Norman: Psychological Safety

To unleash the potential of all employees in your organization, you need to create an environment where they feel safe enough to offer new ideas, speak up about risks, and bring their unique perspectives. If your culture lacks psychological safety, you could be missing out on opportunities or running headfirst into costly and avoidable risks.  […]


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3 Video Training Opt-In

Master These 3 Steps to Attract More Clients, Generate More Sales & Become a Sought-After Expert! Enter your information below to get instant access and start attracting more of the right clients, buzz and attention! Are you a solopreneur, or small business owner ready to attract more clients in the next 30 days? If you’ve […]