About Maria Ross Changemaker for strong leaders, thriving cultures & influential brands. Unleashing the power of humanity in business for robust success. speaker. writer. podcast host. business expert. entrepreneur. optimist. Working with thousands of leaders and companies across the globe I can show you that making the world a better place AND turning a healthy […]

3 Video Training Opt-In

Master These 3 Steps to Attract More Clients, Generate More Sales & Become a Sought-After Expert! Enter your information below to get instant access and start attracting more of the right clients, buzz and attention! Are you a solopreneur, or small business owner ready to attract more clients in the next 30 days? If you’ve […]

Are you Using the Right Marketing Muscles?

Being an avid Crossfitter (going on 7 years now), I’ve learned a thing or two about getting my head on straight so my body will follow. And how false assumptions can only hurt your progress.  My fabulous coach (I use more colorful adjectives when she gives me too many burpees) devotes herself to ensuring we understand the intent […]

3 Lessons on Taking a Sabbatical

It’s Week 4 of my 3-month break from client work so I can recharge, create and determine my next evolution. If you envision me lying on the coach, eating bon-bons and catching up on past seasons of Scandal, let me correct that falsehood right now: No couch or bon-bons. I’m still Crossfitting, writing articles , connecting, […]

4 Ways to Shift Your Brain & Get Fresh New Ideas

Apple challenged us many years ago to “Think Different.” But are you stuck in a mindset rut? Sometimes this can happen when we focus solely on our role, business or even industry. You’re networking with people who do what you do. You go to the same places. You read the same books. You’re looking at […]

My Artistic Manifesto

Who am I? What am I all about? And what is this online party known as Red Slice? It’s my digital home and hopefully yours, too. I’m a brand strategist, author, speaker, actress, dreamer, and artist committed to engaging, informing and delighting you. Here’s what I stand for–want to play? :: I will delight clients by articulating […]

What Happens When You Don’t Match Your Brand

A friend recently passed along this story about branding gone bad. I thought it was so moving it warranted a blog post. Last year, this friend-of-a-friend found herself sniffling into a kleenex at the first of many therapy sessions, pouring her heart out on topics like identity and authenticity. This, in and of itself, isn’t […]

8 unexpected places to find your next client or customer

It’s simple. If you solve a pressing problem or have a story to share that moves, ignites, provokes, heals or amuses people, you can find your tribe. The first step is that you have to really believe in what you’re selling. In fact, don’t think of it as selling. What is the mission behind what […]